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The Executive Secretary of Alliance for social equity and public accountability, Mensah Thompson has jab the head of Public Sector Reform, Kusi Boafo over his comment ''weak minded people complain that things are hard''

Mr Mensah Thompson writes: 

''Respectfully don't be judgmental just yet, I respect elderly people like the President and those are not my own words...

In secondary school, we learnt something about mathematics called logic.
For example, Kofi and Ama are in a class of both sexes, if Kofi is a boy then what is Ama?
Am sure you shouted GIRL!! on top of your voice.

Okay back to my narrative, remember Kusi Boafo?

Until early last year he was a lecturer at Kumasi Polytechnic and a neutral analyst on the radio, then he was appointed by the President as the Head of Public Sector Reform.
In Akan adage, we say if your mouth is full, you could never shout...Of course, that is true, now Kusi Boafo's mouth is full so he cannot scream on top of his voice again as he did under the previous government.

Not only did he lose his sense of screaming, but he also lost his sensitivity as well.
Today Kusi Boafo says only weak minded people complain that things are hard... Unbelievable!!
The traders who cannot import again because of the indiscriminate fall of the cedi are weak minded?, Importers who cannot clear their goods at the port because of high duties are weak minded? what about drivers who cannot make ends meet now because of high fuel prices they are also weak minded?

Okay, Mr Kusi Boafo, a few days ago the President who appointed you as the head of Public Sector Reform(I don't know what you have been able to reform anyway) has also joined in the crusade and openly admitted that indeed things are hard!

Now my big question is the President weak minded as well?

I will let the people of Ghana answer this rhetorical question anyway...
You seem to have all the solutions to Ghana's problems during Former President Mahama's tenure, what happened to all those excellent vocal quintessential solutions you espoused on the radio?

Did they vanish into thin air?

Well, my good friend, Franklin Cudjoe has already given three good solutions,
One cut down on the size of government, 112 unproductive Ministers in a crisis such as this one is crude insensitivity.

Two, Reduce taxes strategically to stimulate the growth of key areas of the economy.
Three cut down on government's extravagant expenditures to free the fiscal space for investment into income generation ventures.

Dear Mr Kusi Boafo, I hope this finds you and your government well, I rest my case.''

Source: Bestghnews.online

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